Sand Court

Sand Court in Stanberry, Mo
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  • The court speed to me was a lot like bent grass and the one I'm comparing it to was Mickey's in Chicago. The only thing I didn't like was the first game the dew was on and the balls get a lot of sand on them. A lot like the another day at Kactus creek when the ball was next to the fence.

  • Didn't notice that placement originally, but I imagine that would help extend some of the distance. Hoops look a pretty easy, but what did you think of the court speed. Courts are probably the biggest issue for the sport. A cheaper alternative like that could be a breakthrough.

  • Also hoop 3 & 12 are even with hoop 2 at the starting end and on the other end hoop 5 & 10 is also even hoop 6.
  • Starting deadness until wicket three -- I like that.

  • One of the first thing that I remember is you can't hit a ball until you make hoop 3. The croquet group in Stanberry has been playing partner ball since the early 70's. A lot of the rules was handed down from older plays. I have try to get them interested in playing at Katus Croquet Club a few years back because it is only about 1:15 mins from there. There is several players in that group that would be very successful at 6W. I have try several time in getting them to the 9W national with no luck. I'm open for any suggestion on how to get them to play at one of our events.
  • Good photo ... how do their rules line out?

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