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  • Leon, what version of the 9 wicket game do you play? Cutthroat? Alive on all balls on each turn? Carryover deadness?



  • Welcome Leon, you are my kind of guy. You are right on if there is any hope of the 9 wicket game growing

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West Burke, VT

About Me:

I am nowhere near an "A"-level player, have a reduced-size backyard court in northern Vermont which I'd love to enlarge and approve, and have had the pleasure of playing on good full-sized private courts in Hampstead NH. It seems to me that the huffy inherited-wealth crowd courted by the major clubs, from Phyllis Court in England to the NCC here, are a guarantee that croquet will never reach the level of popularity that it deserves. Thus I disagree with Bob's screeds about 'Social' membership in the NCC, and such: (If I lived closer to Palm Beach) I'd gladly pay for a croquet membership with NO "social" benefits at all --- rather than his "social" membership without AC and USCA play benefits. If you want to sustain a really large club like NCC, go after the great players, not the .01% wealthy! Re-site the center of croquet to a working city with year-'round fairly warm weather, like Austin, LA, San Francisco ... perhaps go north to NYC or Boston, and built a few all-weather INDOOR artificial-turf courts! Anyways, dump the English-aristocracy and Hollywood money-based and class-based culture.

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