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  • That's very cool. I thought it was interesting because we talking about a Midwest states competition this summer when we were at the Minnesota Open. A few years back there had been a test between Minnesota and Missouri (thinking it was wiemerskirch, Sheely and Funk against Smith, Breeden and Griffith). I do know Minnesota won 8-4.

    Anyway, I proposed that if you set rival states you could reduce the travel load and easily expand to eight teams. The idea in the north being Minn matched up with Illinois and Missouri matched up with KS. If you set an annual rotation, N and S that would keep the travel fair.

    So the KS/MO matchup would happen in KC no matter what since we only have the one court. In a north year that winner would travel to visit the winner of MN/IL. The winner of the south four would have to travel north for the overall championship.

    It's possible that a team might have to travel three times in one year, but the first round should be no more than one state away. It's also possible for a team to play three at home.

    I think the only real hang up was type of croquet. That group clearly liked AC. I like AC as well, because I think it would be a lot of fun, but courts vs time constraints makes it tough. Plus, the Midwest seems to be very slanted toward USCA Rules.

    In truth, I think GC would be the best option because I think then it gives the event potential as a spectator event.

    Anyway, thanks for the answer ... Sounds like a fun event and the coincidence of that popping up in the results just made me smile.
  • George -- I just saw the Mid-South Defender's Cup in the results for the upcoming magazine. Can you tell me about this event?

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