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2011 Osborn Cup Results

New York Croquet Club | Central Park, New York City |September 22-25, 2011

1. Chris Patmore
2. Tim Bitting
3. Micah Beck
3. Rich Curtis
5. Norris Settlemyre
5. Tim Rapuano
7. David McCoy
7. Ted Quimby
9. George Blake

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2011 Big Lobster Invitational Results

Final results for the 2011 Big Lobster Invitational:


1. Alan Madeira and David Nelson
2. Neil Houghton and Eileen Holberg
3. Ben Rothman and Cody Aichele
4. Larry Stettner and Janet Pearson
5. John Phaneuf an

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Mulliner Wins FEC Championship

Posted by Kevin Garrard in the Nott's List:


Stephen Mulliner won the European AC Championship
Stephen Mulliner (ENG) defeated Mark McInerney (IRE) +15sxp, +17tp, -17tp,
-11, +26tp in a closely-fought final to record his 12th European Championship.

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2011 Croquet Association Eights Results

The results of the Croquet Association Eights are listed below.

First Eight (President’s Cup)
1st Robert Fulford
2nd David Maugham
2nd Jamie Burch
4th Paddy Chapman
5th Stephen Mulliner
5th James Death
7th Ed Duckworth
8th Ian Lines

Second Eight (Ch

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2011 Pacific Cup Block Results

Block Results
(top eight advance to the Knockout, remainder to the Plate)

1st Chris Percival-Smith 10/10
2nd Jim Bast 9/10 (lost to Percival-Smith)
3rd Leo Nikora 7/10 (lost to Percival-Smith, Bast, and Uhlman)
4th Carl Uhlman 6/10 +22
5th Bruno Amb

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2011 AC CroqCan Results

Finishing positions:

Open Flight

1 Brian Cumming
2 Paul Emmett
3 Simon Gagnon
4 Jane Beharriell
5 Peter Westaway
6 Louis Nel
7 Patrick Little
8 Chris Loat
9 David Druiett
10 Brigitte Westaway

Red Flight

1 Alexis Gagne
2 Ken Shipley
3 George Dej
4 Bi

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