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2019 States Shield Championship Update

Tough battles in the heat today, but we now have our two finalists -- Florida will take on Missouri at 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning  at LaFortune Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Missouri advanced with a 7-3 win over Wisconsin despite dropping the opening double

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US Golf Croquet Classic Update

The US Golf Croquet Classic had eight players in action at LaFortune Park, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, August 16-17.  Block winners Matt Baird and John Steninger arrived in the championship game with 5-0 records. Baird came away with the title after a hard-f

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2019 US Golf Croquet Classic

The US Golf Croquet Classic is a part of the States Shield Championship weekend and offers play for croquet fans that want to support the Shield teams as well as local (or national) GC players looking for ranked games. It also gives alternates and s

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