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  • Greetings Allen -- You can change your email here, by going to MY PAGE, then click the OPTIONS gray button dropdown on the right. In that list is an EDIT PROFILE link. Your email should be at the top of the next page and has a change button next to it.
  • Hi, Dylan! I need to change my email address, snail mail address, etc. Having moved a short distance away (no small undertaking) to a spot in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and having completed several renovations, I am again entering the fray. How do I change such things on this website? Congrats on the many evolutions of Croquet Network, better and better! I look forward to communicating. I hope you are healthy and content out in KC, Best, Allen
  • Hello Dylan,

    That's all fine, happy new year to you and yours!!


  • Thanks Dylan for the welcome.

  • The Mid-South Defender's Cup is an American-rules 6-wicket state team tournament, between three teams of four players each, with the teams representing the states of Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana.  There's a set sequence of games in both singles and doubles, with wins generating points for your team.  The state with the most points at the end of the tournament wins.  It was generously hosted by Mississippi at the gorgeous private courts owned by Laurie McRae near Jackson, MS.

    The team leader for a team will rank the players on the team, and the game schedule is set up so that the #1 and #2 players will play singles only against other #1 and #2 players, and similarly for the #3 and #4 players, for a total of four singles games for each player.  Each doubles pair plays a game against the four doubles pairs from the other two states, for a total of four doubles games for each pair. 

    This year Arkansas completely dominated Louisiana and Mississippi, and this was mostly due to the dominating play of their #4 player Gary Gerber, whose skill far exceeds his handicap.  He could be called the MVP of the tournament.

    This was the first year that Louisiana participated in the tournament, and it was the first year of "revival" for the tournament after a 10-year hiatus.  It had been regularly played in the 1990's and early 200's between Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas, and occasionally Tennessee.  Jeff Caldwell at Arkadelphia, AR would know much more about the history of the tournament.


  • Thank you Dylan, what I did not post is that I am a member of Pasadena Croquet Club and last weekend I won 2nd flight Kamal Cup GC singles. I am so excited about croquet, so much to learn.
  • thanks Dylan for the welcome. Please share my you tube channel at your convenience.


  • Thank you very much for the welcome. Our club was established in 2005 and it takes to 2011 to find an aproppriate lawn. Now we are using your "20 Tips for club building" to develop our profession. Events, photos and other news will be posted and we are looking forward for guests from other Croquet clubs to have a fine match. If someone visit Berlin - give us a call. Rainer
  • I apologize for my English :)
    Yes, that's what interests me.
  • thanks for the welcome. even better then my four clubs, i have played in 19 tournaments in 2011 19 of them were sanctoned USCA events. I hope to play in 20 before the end of the year.
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