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Mulliner Wins FEC Championship

Posted by Kevin Garrard in the Nott's List:


Stephen Mulliner won the European AC Championship
Stephen Mulliner (ENG) defeated Mark McInerney (IRE) +15sxp, +17tp, -17tp,
-11, +26tp in a closely-fought final to record his 12th European Championship.

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2011 Osborn Cup Results

New York Croquet Club | Central Park, New York City |September 22-25, 2011

1. Chris Patmore
2. Tim Bitting
3. Micah Beck
3. Rich Curtis
5. Norris Settlemyre
5. Tim Rapuano
7. David McCoy
7. Ted Quimby
9. George Blake

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Will Gee Wins Ascot Cup

Will Gee won the English National Golf Croquet Singles Championship (Ascot Cup) beating Robert Fulford 7-6, 7-5.

This year's gathering for the Ascot Cup was notable in terms of the quality of the field (7/16 had played in this year's World Championsh

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