Maybe it had something to do with wearing two hats; a tournament director and player. Then maybe not as both are good players and the best man won.

I am a firm believer that wearing two hats is not in the best interest of the game or the mental attitude of a competitive player. A tournament director takes on serious responsibilities to the game and other players and if a competitor hopes to win a tournament, you must be on your best mental abilities. 

Each tournament shall have a tournament director who shall:

a) administer, interpret, and enforce the rules of the game,

b) appoint a committee to assist and provide referees and other officials as may be required,

c) arrange the draw,

d) assign handicaps to players who do not have official USCA handicaps,

e) choose the method of allocating bisques,

f) schedule matches and assign courts,

g) direct all aspects of the competition, including the disposition of any appeal not resolved by a referee, and

h) deal with any infringement of the rules for which no penalty is prescribed or any situation that does not appear to be covered by these rules in a manner which the director feels meets the justice of the case.


We will all wonder if Jeff could have won had he not been the tournament director.

PS-- A friend of mine said, "it was because Steven was playing with that new high tech AirHeart mallet, which gave him an edge".

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That is a provocative headline related to a match that seems like a lifetime ago. And one that has me re-
thinking my decision to reconnnect the forum feed to the Morning Coffee eNewsletter.

The actual topic is somewhat interesting, but it seems to me like the truly elite players are relatively
un-fazed by those types of distractions. Mortals like myself are suseptible to losing form for those reasons
though. For this specific case, I would more likely factor in that it seems like Stephen has really, really
good form right now (as noted in the MacRob reports from round 1).

Dylan, are there any video's on this tournament?

I don't recall any ... but you can watch Matthew Essick and Jamie Burch right now here:

In reply to above "the truly elite players" are just human mortals, like you and me.

While form plays one part in the whole game, certainly one’s mental attitude plays a bigger role. We can’t get into the heads of the players, only they can tell us what happened.


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