White Wins SE AC Regional

The Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club (CBCC) held the Southeast Regional Association Croquet Tournament April 5-8 at its eight new courts in Hartfield Virginia.

This has started as one of the coldest springs in Virginia history but the tournament went well with playable weather every day.  The participants were amazed to watch the courts go from a dormant yellow on the first day to green on the last. 

Players arrived from all over the US and one from Canada on Wednesday.  Two of the players in this tournament are former US National Champions and all are very talented Championship Flight competitors.  Macey White ended up winning the tournament with Brian Cumming in second. 

CBCC is holding the SE Regional GC Tournament on April 12-15, the SE Regional 6-Wicket Tournament May 23-27 and the VA State Championship in June.  CBCC is also very proud to be hosting the 2018 USCA American 6-Wicket Nationals October 7-13.

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