WCF Upgrades Croquet Mexico Status

The WCF September Newsletter reports that Croquet Mexico was awarded Recognized Croquet Organization (RCO) status in July of 2019. The newsletter also mentions Greece, Iran and Pakistan as countries with "croquet bodies."

The newsletter also gave this outlook for WCF activities:

Amir Ramsis completes his second and final term as WCF President on 31 December 2019. In his eight years in office, Amir has assiduously attended most of the WCF Events in that time to welcome the players, assist with presenting the trophies and to express the appreciation of the WCF to all the Event Hosts. His enthusiasm and support for both codes of the game will be warmly remembered by all who have met him.

The main events in the next three months are the elections for the office of WCF President and for three places on the WCF Management Committee. The results of these elections will be published in early December. The MC will be engaged in the preparation of the annual reports from the Treasurer and from itself which are due to be completed and also sent to Members in December. The other key topics are the final preparations for the three tiers of the 2020 GC World Team Championship and for the 2020 ACWC.


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