The USCA has done something pretty cool and added a Women's Grand Prix listing on the GP page. While it does kind of under-cut one of the sports primary strengths -- gender equality, I really believe in more race within the race concepts. Give more players something to play for. Plus anything new outside of the carbon copy events they are pushing feels gives the organization a slightly less stagnant feel ... Here's the link and snip of the top 20:

Main GP:

Men's GP:

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Since rolling out this feature I have updated it to allow searching results from previous years. Also I've combined it all into a single page, so the above link is no longer active (it redirects to the main page with the appropriate category).

That male and female can compete on an equal basis is indeed one of the unique benefits of the game. But it's not really the case that strength is unimportant in the game. I think we can have it both ways -- the vast majority of our tournaments will continue to be open to men and women alike, while a smaller number of women-only events does, as you say, give more players something to play for.

Looks like the re-directs are working for the old addresses ... so I will leave those alone. For newcomers, the key address is to the main GP page. Can get to the other options from there:

Glad to see the old results are available.


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