• The Super 8


  • Hey look at this ... there is an official site:

    And even a Facebook page:

    • Ed Wilson is the first one to check in to the Super 8...


      • Bamford and Hockey advance to a matchup that I believe is some sort of vague allusion to the classic Paul Newman film Slapshot ...


        • Although it hasn't hit the official knockout page, the commentary indicates Jose Riva has advanced 2-0 over James Death to claim a vacancy at the Super 8.


          • If I am reading the commentary right, Chapman has taken down Maloof 2-1. 

            • And the knockout now confirms it ... along with Patel


  • Sweet 16 Update:


  • Click to zoom in ... use the back button to get out.

    I agree with the professionals .... it would be hard to pass on watching the Webby v Riva matchup today. But, I'd also be curious about the JPM v Mulliner match.

    Potential round 2 matchup that would be interesting: Maloof and Chapman met in the final in 2016 in West Palm.

    The whole Death, Richards, Webby, Riva quad is certainly the most interesting quad on the board.

    For the Cinderella story you have to watch Nelson Morrow at #120 world rank v Greg Bryant (#8)

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