It's on. New Zealand roared back yesterday and needs to go 3-3 on the final day to claim this test. Team USA needs to go 4-4.

1. Ben Rothman vs Paddy Chapman (lawn 4) (presumably the live stream feed)
2. David Maloof vs Toby Garrison (lawn 3)
3. Jeff Soo vs Aiken Hakes (late start)
4. Danny Huneycutt vs Joe Hogan (lawn 1)
5. Stephen Morgan vs Jenny Clark (late start)
6. Stuart Lawrence vs Chris Shilling (lawn 2)

Games start at 8:30 a.m. Pacific. Best of three.

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Dynamic Grade

Paddy Chapman 2629
Ben Rothman 2580

Toby Garrison 2506
David Maloof 2486

Aiken Hakes 2460
Jeff Soo 2337

Joe Hogan 2296
Danny Huneycutt 2295

Stephen Morgan 2287
Jenny Clarke 2241

Chris Shilling 2323
Stuart Lawrence 2245


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