Hopgood Wins Edinburgh

23 August 2011
Fettes College, Edinburgh, Scotland
By Fergus McInnes on Nottingham List

The winners at this year's Edinburgh Tournament, held on 15-20 August at
Fettes College, were:

Event 1 (Open): James Hopgood
Event 2 (handicap 4+): Allan Hawke
Event 3 (handicap 8+): Jamieson Walker
Event 4 (handicap 14+): Morven Wardley
Event 5 (handicap doubles), X: Allan Hawke and Bob Darling
Event 5, Y: Martin Stephenson and Alison Ross
Event 6 (handicap singles, unrestricted), X: Fergus McInnes
Event 6, Swiss: Brian Murdoch
Lauder Bowl (player getting furthest without winning an event): Duncan

All the winners are members of the Edinburgh Club or the Meadows Club,
except for Duncan Reeves (East Dorset).

Handicap changes occurred for Allan Hawke (from 7 to 6), Fergus McInnes
(from 4 to 3), Elizabeth Medway (from 8 to 10), Duncan Reeves (from 16
to 14) and Alan Wilson (from 3 to 3.5).

A report and photographs are on the Scottish Croquet Association's website:


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