Working on another project, I noticed one of my favorite photos from the 2013 GC National Championship. Cheryl Bromley is thinking over yellow's shot at hoop 2 in block play at Burlingame CC in North Carolina. What shot do you like here?

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Yellow is in a difficult position to run the hoop while red  is in an excellent position so the best shot is to roquet blue away, ideally to a position that allows the hoop to protect red.  If yellow tries for the hoop and misses, blue will send red away leaving black with a hoop running chance.

I like the clear as well. Even you don't wire blue from red, ideally it the clear is from the north boundary which is a decent distance. Black's shot isn't a gimme in case red wouldn't be able to get that clear.

However, I believe Cheryl went for and got the block. Blue tried the combo clear and didn't get red out. Red won the hoop. 

For Nott's list members there was a more in-depth discussion that starts here:

And Facebook also had a bit of a discussion:

I'm with Cheryl here. The problem with clearing blue is that unless you are lucky, blue will still have a 9-10 yarder to clear red. Try for the point where yellow has a hoop shot and is blocking blue on red. Even if you fail the block, blue is unlikely to clear red to more than 8-9 yards from black, and red will be able to clear black a good distance.


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