To all my croquet friends:

This is the 21st century. It’s definitely time for a dress code change. Let’s put some color in our group photographs. Whites out, Color in.

Seriously, look at any group photographs and what do you see? A group of sterile looking old folks. All these photographs remind me, and maybe you, of a group of people at a medical conference. In most all the photographs,we look old but we are not dead yet.

Our game is lively, exciting and each player is a unique individual. We are not a military unit. Our dress should be lively, colorful, allowing each player their own identity just like our golf friends.

Yes, maybe a dress code; White hats. No jeans with holes, dirty shoes, food on our shirts, but colorful attractive attire YES. We are all unique individuals not a group of sterile looking clones dressed in white garb to play croquet.

What say you?

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It's one of those 50/50 issues. Most people I meet are passionately for or against. I am in the middle.
There is a certain "officialness" around wearing the whites. Ultimately, I think it should be up to the
individual clubs to determine how they want to approach it.

I am not sure that I understand it, but I believe there is some sort of rule out there about being able to
wear "your club colors." Haven't had time to find where that policy exists, but I like the concept.

I will also add that all white is not super practical for the livestreaming trend.

not sure what you mean by your last sentence

Starting with last year's AC World Championship, we are seeing more single-camera live streaming video from events. The MacRobertson video was particulary innovative in my opinion because it was a security camera that set over Lawn 4 (I think). Tracking a multi-hour AC match, I tend to pop in and out. When both teams are wearing white, it takes a bit to figure out which player is on the court. The NZL matches were easy as they were all black.


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