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The Perfect Mallet

  There is one mallet on the market that will make you a better straight ball shooter; if you know how to use it. These mallets, with their wishbone handle, are made by the Norwich Croquet Company in Norwich CT.

   In 1899, a small group of croquet en

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Color or White

To all my croquet friends:

This is the 21st century. It’s definitely time for a dress code change. Let’s put some color in our group photographs. Whites out, Color in.

Seriously, look at any group photographs and what do you see? A group of sterile loo

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Mallet Mania

Patrick Foy details his long list of mallets that used over the years in this piece from Croquet World Online:

"The first mallet I treasured was the Jaques' Solomon (designed by the English champion John Solomon) with "Tuftex" faces, a Lignum Vitae h

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