2020 GC WTC Semifinals Set

After three days of play, the semifinals for the 2020 World Golf Croquet Team Championship are set with Egypt (3-0, A) versus England (2-1, B) and New Zealand (3-0, B) versus USA (2-1, A). The event started on Monday, January 6 and the finals will start on Saturday, January 11. Block play featured one-day six match tests, but the knockout is best of 13 matches and each round will be played over two days.

The final will be streamed to the Sky Sport Next platform. You can set a reminder via YouTube:



Event Website:


Australia: Robert Fletcher, Peter Landrebe (c), Chris McWhirter, Edward Wilson
Egypt: Amr Alebiary, Hamy Erian, Mohamed Karem, Soha Mostafa, Mostafa Nezar, Yasser Sayed
England: Richard Bilton, John-Paul Moberly (c), Stephen Mulliner, Tobi Savage
Ireland: Patsy Fitzgerald, Evan Newell, Robert O'Donoghue, Mark Stephens, Simon Williams (c)
New Zealand: Duncan Dixon, Edmund Fordyce, Joshua Freeth, Felix Webby (c)
South Africa: Reg Bamford, Victor Dladla, Judith Hanekom, William Louw
Sweden: Simon Carlsson, Joi Elebo, Anders Moldin, Joakim Norback, Lewis Palmer
United States: Sherif Abdelwahab, Danny Huneycutt, David Maloof, Ben Rothman


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