Reader asked about the US team today. I haven't heard yet, but thought I would update the rosters in this thread:


The MacRobertson Shield Selection Committee has selected the following team to play for England at Mission Hills (17 April - 4 May 2017):

Jamie Burch 
James Death 
James Hopgood 
David Maugham 
Stephen Mulliner 
Samir Patel (Captain)

We all wish them the best of luck.

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Jenny Clarke
Greg Bryant
Paddy Chapman
Aiken Hakes
Joe Hogan
Paul Skinley

Paul Skinley has withdrawn and will be replaced with Chris Shilling.

In 2016, the Australian Croquet Association selected Ian Dumergue (captain), Greg Fletcher, Malcolm Fletcher, Robert Fletcher, Simon Hockey, and Stephen Forster; and alternates Trevor Bassett, and Dwayne McCormick.

Croquet World Online is reporting the following US line-up for MacRob:

Jeff Soo
Ben Rothman
Danny Huneycutt
David Maloof
Matthew Essick
Stuart Lawrence

Reserves: Rich Lamm, Steve Morgan
First Alternate: Paul Bennett
Second Alternate: Sheriff Abdelwahab


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