2011 Big Lobster Invitational Results

Final results for the 2011 Big Lobster Invitational:


1. Alan Madeira and David Nelson
2. Neil Houghton and Eileen Holberg
3. Ben Rothman and Cody Aichele
4. Larry Stettner and Janet Pearson
5. John Phaneuf and Paula Phaneuf
6. Don Bridges and Pat Bridges
7. Art Parsells and Delores Gallagher
8. Ron Huxtable and Barry Williams

First Flight

1. Roy Morgan and Stephen Morgan
2. Linda Huxtable and  Don Lancto
3. Randall McAndrews and Barbara Entzminger
4. Lloyd Hadden and Thomas Van Gorder
5. Robert Yount and Gerry Lancto
6. Fay Lawson and Frannie Martin
7. John Richardson and Diane Richardson
8. Fred Beck and Linda Beck


Championship A Flight

1.     Neil Houghton
2.     Ron Hendry
3.     Ron Huxtable
4.     Perry Mattson
5.     Linda Huxtable
6.     Chuck Whitlow

Championship B Flight

1.     Paula Phaneuf
2.     Art Parsells
3.     Betty Whitlow
4.     Robert Yount
5.     Delores Gallagher
6.     Don Bridges

First Flight

1.     Stephen Morgan
2.     John Richardson
3.     Lloyd Hadden
4.     Charles Alexander
5.     Calvert  Chaney
6.     Fred Beck
7.     Roy Morgan
8.     Pat Bridges

Second Flight

1. Janet Pearson
2. Cody Aichele
3. Barbara Entzminger
4. Tom Stoner
5. Gerry Lancto
6. William Brewer
7. Tim McCormick

Perry Mattson
Tournament Manager

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