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2021 PFC HoopMaker Masters at Chesapeake Bay

A PCA Champions Tour American 6-Wicket Event

Date: April 30 - May 2

Location: Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club, Hartfield, Virginia

Entry Fee: $250

Prizes: PFC HoopMaker has donated $2000 to the purse.  With reasonable turnout, the prize money will be $6000 or more with $3000 or more going to the winner.  Of course all players get a payout.  2nd gets $1500, 3rd gets $750 4th gets $375 ...

Meals and Social: This is a no-frills tournament.  Beverages are provided.  Club will take lunch orders as a service to the players.  There will be organized social activities every evening.

Rules: This will be a modified Swiss Format singles tournament.  Win-or-lose players will have scheduled games everyday.  Play will be governed by American 6-Wicket "Advanced Play" experimental rules.  We will follow standard USCA rules with several advanced rule additions.  Rules are outlined on the entry form.

Players: This tour event is open to all American 6-Wicket PCA Champions Tour qualified players and the best players in the country will be there.  Please see the PCA website for the tour eligibility list and tour eligibility requirements.

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American Club Teams Celebrates 40th

Can you believe that 2019 marks the 40th Anniversary of Club Teams? That’s 40 years of an event that has included American 6-Wicket doubles games, singles matches, individual competitions and team trophies. It is a history of activities that have ranged from the all-inclusive tournament dinners and cocktail receptions to spirited club-only occasions that revolve around croquet, food, and team-building.
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