2018 Croquet News Volume 3 Digital Edition

After another strong effort from the magazine team, our dedicated contributors and the staff in West Palm Beach, I am pleased to present the 2018 Volume 3 Digital Edition of the USCA's Croquet News through Issuu. Check it out online by clicking the cover to the right or by expanding the embedded version below. It works best on a tablet or desktop, but can also even be viewed on your smart phone. Print copies will start mailing out by the end of the week and should reach members by mid-December.

Before I get into this edition, I would like to note the growing interest in advertiser support for the Croquet News. This issue in particular has a number of new advertisers and I would like to encourage our readers to support all of our advertisers (new and long-term loyal), by simply visiting their website or sending them an email thanking them for making the Croquet News possible. They do this to connect with our readers and you can best show your gratitude and support by engaging in some way with this growing group of advertisers.

Moving on to the editorial side, this issue features a statistical comparison of US state and regional membership between 2010 and 2018. The idea is to do some self-analysis as an organization and build on the success stories and see where a new approach at the state level might be needed. I hope you enjoy the look as I know we were delighted to see a few positive surprises in the data.

This issue also has coverage of the 2018 National American Rules Championship and the 2018 National Golf Croquet Championship plus a profile on the Milwaukee Croquet Club. Here's the full line-up of articles you'll find in the 2018 Volume 3 issue:

  • State Membership Trends
  • 2018 USCA Nationals
  • 2018 USCA Golf Croquet Nationals
  • Club Profile: Milwaukee Croquet Club
  • Member Profile: Dylan Goodwin
  • GC America: 5th Edition Part II
  • Let’s Talk Tactics: Don't Do This
  • Backyard Warrior: Corner Peg Layout
  • Event Reports

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